Traditional games are leisure and recreation activities which can have a ritualistic character. They are part of a diverse universal heritage and are practiced in an individual or collective manner and promote global health and peace. It is necessary to preserve and promote these indigenous games, hence in this regard 14th August has been declared as the International Day of Traditional Sports and Games.

ICTSG continues to remain proactively and creatively committed to this essential role of providing guidance and expertise to the Member States. Many traditional sports and games have disappeared or are under threat of extinction. In order to ensure cultural diversity and peace, as well as the participation of all, regardless of gender, religion, ability or social background in sports and traditional games, we resolve to promote the balance of the existing diversity of elite sports, with traditional sports and games.

The recognition of the potential capacity of physical activity and sports to effectively contribute to the amelioration of health, education, culture, civic harmony, and social welfare; human, social and economic development; international cooperation; and lasting peace.

ICTSG has chalked out a comprehensive roadmap in order to preserve and promote the cultural importance of traditional sports and games. To this end, ICTSG wishes to include members of all facets in the creation of vast group of supporters who are passionate about the mission to protect, preserve, diffusion of education, and promote traditional sports and games (TSG). International initiatives to move forward and build momentum on TSG also demonstrate a positive environment and provide an international context for joint efforts to share a common vision in the protection and promotion of TSG.

ICTSG and the Member States through their respective ministries after having Consultation Meetings agreed to enhance the diffusion of TSG knowledge and declared 14th August as “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF TRADITIONAL SPORTS AND GAMES”.

In this regard, events and festivals are held annually in every country under the umbrella of the Council to highlight and promote their local traditional sports and games and historical culture which will be portrayed globally through the platform of ICTSG. In 2021, the World Ministerial Virtual Conference was organized on the occasion of the International Day of Traditional Sports and Games which was attended by more than 300 traditional sports stakeholders.

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