As per the Statutes of International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG), members of the Council shall consist of following categories, excluding any commercial organizations.

Group A:

governmental organizations and non-governmental bodies which are recognized in their respective countries as being the major organizations responsible for physical education, sport and TSG;

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Group B:

international organizations responsible for the coordination and promotion of work to unify co-ordinate and promote activities in the field of physical education, sport and TSG, such as international organizations concerned with TSG, physical education, sport and recreation, international sport federations, international organizations (cultural, artistic, scientific) with an interest in sport and physical education and TSG;

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Group C:

governmental and non-governmental organizations at the national level, to the exclusion of those covered under Group A as above;

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Group D:

publicly recognized research institutes and schools of higher Education in sport, physical education and TSG; and

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Group E:

Traditional Sport Clubs

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** No Modern Sport organisation, Olympic recognized sports, or sports recognized by similar organizations shall be eligible to seek membership with the Council and/or to participate in TSG festivals/events.

*** The membership application shall be submitted by the applicant following the bye-laws as given below:

Please click this link to view the Guidelines for Membership with ICTSG

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