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ICTSG Advisory Committee on Traditional Sports and Indigenous Games was constituted on 11th August 2020 by the President of the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games, Mr. Khalil Ahmed Khan.

The ICTSG Advisory Committee comprises of nine members and it is responsible for:

i. formulating proposals and recommendations on Traditional and Indigenous sports and games, contribute to the world heritage of sport culture;
ii. coordinating and establishing effective communication with affiliated Units of ICTSG who are likely to be prospective host for organizing the World Games and Continental Games, Festivals, Seminars; and
iii. undertake any other matter referred to the Committee by the President - ICTSG.

The Committee shall act as a forum for inter and multi-disciplinary exchange and cooperation charged with the task of developing and enhancing the ICTSG’s mission and objective areas through targeted activities. Their role shall be to lead and coordinate the activities and programmes identified and determined by the General Assembly, Executive Board or President and assigned to them.

Following are the Members of the ICTSG Advisory Committee:

Mr. Michael Shamsu Mustapha (Africa - Sierra Leone) 

Mr. Mustapha is the Secretary General of the Union of African Traditional Sports and Games. He is also the former deputy Director of Sports of Sierra Leone.





Mr. Abdallah Ally Mtlolea (Africa - Tanzania)  

Mr. Mtlolea has been involved in the field of traditional sports since few years and he is Member of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania.




Brig. (r) Azam Effendi (Asia - Pakistan)

Brig. Effendi is the President of Old Gallians Worldwide, Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Council of Traditional Sports and Games, President of the Swat Winter Sports Club and Patron-in-Chief of Buzkashi and Neza Bazi in Pakistan. He also served as Chairman for Media and Marketing of the International Tent Pegging Federation. 




Mr. Hisham Ali Mohammed Al Taher (Asia - UAE) 

Mr. Al Taher is the Secretary General of the Asian Chess Federation and the Arab Esports Federation. He is also the CFO of HLB HAMT Group. His expertise in the field of sports will prove very useful for the promotion of traditional sports and games.





Mr. Munkhibeleg Enebish (Asia - Mongolia) 

Mr. Enebish is the Director of Physical Culture & Sports Policy Department, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports,  Government of Mongolia. His comprehensive knowledge and technical experience will be valuable for the promotion of traditional sports and games.




Mr. Moosa Bakhshaei (Asia - Iran) 

Mr. Bakhshaei has served in many key positions in International Sports Federations including but not limited to Ju Jitsu, Belt Wrestling  and Pankration. He is also the Executive Advisor to the International Federation of Pankration. His considerable experience in  the field of sports since more than two decades will definitely help the safeguarding of traditional sports and games around the world.




Mr. Aman Kumar Sharma (Asia - India) 

Mr. Sharma is the Secretary General of the Indian Association of Traditional Sports and Games. He was also member of a Working Group of the former AAC and has made many contributions for the development of TSG not only in India but around the world. His dedication to fulfill ICTSG's mission will result in much success.




Mr. Faiszer Mustapha (Asia - Sri Lanka) 

Mr. Mustapha is the former Minister of Sport, Provincial Councils and Local Government of Sri Lanka.
 By profession he is a lawyer and has completed his studies from University of Aberdeen. 




Mr. Yaroslav Voytovych (Europe - Ukraine)

Mr. Voytovych is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. His abilities and skills will be worthwhile and of benefit to the cause of promoting traditional sports and games.




Ms. Viktoria Racheva Slavkova (Europe - Bulgaria)

Ms. Slavkova is the Director of European Programs, Projects and International Cooperation Directorate at the Ministry of Youth and  Sports of Bulgaria. She is also the Member of the EPAS Bureau at the Council of Europe. Her commendable experience in sports  and proficiency will be helpful for preservation and promotion of traditional sports and games.




Dr. Keyvan Dehnad (Europe - Switzerland)

Dr. Dehnad has been in the field of sports since last 53 years and he is the President of Yongmudo Swiss Federation. He is known as the first Iranian international referee authorized by the International Judo Federation. He is also the founder of
Jiu Jitsu and Yongmudo in Iran. Dr. Dehnad holds a Ph. D in Psychology.





Mr. Afet Jashari (Europe - North Macedonia)

Mr. Jashari is a Member of Cabinet and the Assistant Sector Leader of the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia. His professionalism will prove to be of assistance to the promotion of traditional sports and games.