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Traditional wrestling also known as belt wrestling or struggle in some parts is one of the most renowned and special traditional sport for the world especially for Central Asia and Russia.

Wrestling is one of the most ancient sports known to man. This is also proved by archaeological excavations and research. Every country has its own kind of struggle. Originally, wrestling was intended as a means of survival for ancient civilizations.

Belt wrestling involves contestants aiming to knock each other over by grappling with a belt.

Different parts of the world have different variations on certain rules in the sport. As the name suggests, the central component is a simple device; such as a belt, ordinary towel or even a girdle. For example, in Turkmenistan, Goresh wrestling of turkmen people is popular.

Former President of the International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports Rif Gainanov once stated, "This type of wrestling will always be interesting. Every nation has its own colouring. One nation should not impose its own rules upon other countries and should respect other cultures and their customs".

There are many types of traditional belt wrestling in the world, but by developing this sport's general rules under the leadership of Dr. Rif Gaynanov (late) former President, IBWA/IATWS became a real home for all types of traditional belt wrestling in the world and a common platform for developing and promoting new-old sport discipline  belt wrestling.

The present management of the International Belt Wrestling Association (IBWA)  also has the same vision of that of Mr. Gaynanov to promote this sport and is working for its inclusion in the World Traditional Sports and Games under IATWS/ICTSG.

Now, life itself has proved the struggles between contending parties will continue forever. Our planet has become an arena, where struggle between fear and evil, dependency and goodwill is carried on.

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