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Kowat Alrami is a traditional martial art. It includes the training of self defence. It is an important part of the Arabian heritage and culture.

Kowat Alrami literally means "power of throw". The sport is considered as a matter of pride in the Arab nation and heritage and they believe that there is no lack of potential, ability or technical skills needed for them to excel in the field of traditional sports especially martial arts.

It is a comprehensive and unique style featuring and combining most methods of boxing, kicking, holding, throwing and submitting.

It covers different levels of fighting techniques; light, medium and full contact in order to satisfy all athletes. The rules are similar to full contact only for amateur matches. The key of success in these rules is by athletic commitment and enjoying sportsman spirit in good manners.

Throughout the exercises on this Arab style of Martial Arts, which is spreading worldwide swiftly, the World Federation of Kowat Alrami headed by its President Dr. Waleed Tawfik Kassas is also training athletes on the Arab Sword and Gear as it is the oldest and most capable of other swords including the Japanese Katana and Calcaa, Alton Va and other swords used in the field of sports according to WFKA. The Popularity of Kuwat Alrami is increasing day by day around the Globe.

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